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Through the data current situation of the development of shenzhen machinery plant

by:HENRY PARTS     2021-04-09
More according to the statistics, the current in all the world's industrial products, whether small handicraft or electrical home appliances products such as refrigerators, TV, or aircraft, ships, etc. , the figure has been made in China everywhere. This reflects our country represented by machinery, automobile and so on the rapid development of equipment manufacturing industry. No development of heavy industry, such as machinery, light industry production of all kinds of consumer goods has lost the most basic means of production, China is not likely to become the factory of the world. Shenzhen machinery processing plants in China machinery industry federation, China auto industry association jointly issued the annual top of mechanical industry, automobile industry 30 strong list, most is machinery, automobile industry the backbone of China. Such as mechanical top ranked the top sales of China machinery industry group co. , LTD has reached 100 billion yuan, is the world's top 225 international contractors, top 50, design enterprise top 100 global engineering consultation; Geely holding group is 'the development of Chinese auto industry for 50 years, growing fastest best' one of the enterprises; For example in the construction of the motor, and cable, luoyang notting have is not the Chinese companies such as machinery, automobile industry leading enterprises. The trajectory of large enterprises, to a considerable extent reflects the development of China's machinery, auto industry trend and competition power. From the statistics, the equipment manufacturing industry in the 'made in China' has a specific gravity, and the top enterprises in a sense, can represent the 'made in China'. 2008 enterprises of machinery industry contains no car advocate business wu income amounted to 9305. RMB 700 million, 3236 in 2003 for the first order. 2 2. 5 billion yuan. 87 times the average annual increase of 23. 5%; Auto industry large enterprises in 2008 main business income is 14163. 300 million yuan, 551. 4 billion yuan for 2003 2. 57 times the average annual increase of 20. 8%. These data reflect the machinery, automobile industry of China's large enterprises with good growth. At the same time, represented by machinery, automobile and other equipment manufacturing industry as the pillar industry of national economy, in providing all kinds of light industry with production, promote the made in China to the world at the same time, also play its cluster effect and leading effect, the development of social economy has played a great role in promoting. We should clearly see, however, it is not a manufacturing powerhouse China is a manufacturing power, is a mechanical power but not mechanical power. At present, China machinery, automobile industry overall technical self-sufficiency is only about 60%, especially in the major sets of technical equipment and high technology products of core technology and key links behind the international advanced level. Compared with contemporary multinational company, research and development ability, independent innovation ability, there is a huge gap. For example, China's auto production is second in the world, but the world's top ten car companies, China's large enterprises had no one to landing. China machinery industry federation, executive vice President of Cai Weici said: China machinery industry federation of mechanical top every year spend a lot of manpower and material resources, car 30 enterprises, on the one hand, is the hope to the development of machinery, automobile industry in our country from all walks of life have a more clear and comprehensive understanding of; On the other hand, also want to be included in the enterprise can realize the gap with the world first-class enterprise, than learning to catch up with and lead the industry toward a higher, farther future, promote China from 'manufacturing power' to 'manufacturing power'.
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