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spare parts stock for trailer


During this special time,when the cost of common metal keeps increasing.buy stock maybe one good choice to get better price.we had one lot of coupler drawbar produced by water glass casting and machining used for trailer.we could keep the price same or even lower than before.and other spare parts like control arms,shaft,flange,break pad,axis,piston,adapater,elbow,housing for vehicle,truck,motorcycle.

coupler drawbar

Raw material  of drawbar: 35CrMo  steel                                                                          

Raw material of pin : 42CrMo steel  , pin size:0.990-.005”          

Mounting hole size:1.500+.005”, height of U shape groove:1-13/16”         

finish: phosphating oiled

tensile strength:100000 to 125000 PSI

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