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Investment casting


Investment casting or “lost wax” process is that a wax prototype of your part is made and then repeatedly dipped into liquid ceramic. The ceramic hardens and then the wax is melted out leaving you with a ceramic mold. Molten metal is then poured into the ceramic cavity where the wax once was. Once the metal solidifies, the ceramic mold is broken and removed leaving the metal casting. The mold used to create the wax pattern can be used many times however the ceramic mold is broken and discarded with each part.
The advantages of investment casting are as follows:
a. Products with high precision and good surface finish, the attainable precision is IT11-IT14, and the attainable surface roughness is Ra 12.5-1.6μm.
b. The minimun wall thickness can be 3mm, the diameter of the smallest casted hole can be 8mm, and the complicate products which composed by several products can be casted at one time.
c. No limit for the alloy type.
d. No limit for the products quantity.


Such outer structural parts,  cases,Anchor,handwheel,Tee, Elbow,flange,valve,housing, camlock, roller quick release, lever,joint assy ball,valve tappet,cover, valve disc......

Product information

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Delivery Time

For sample in 10-15 days upon price confirmed if no mould/tooling/jigs required.


For sample in 20-30 days upon price confirmed if need developmould/ tooling/jigs.


For bulk in 40-50 days after sample approved.


For mould/tooling/jigs ,50% in advance and 50% after sample approved.if sample is stillnot good after 2nd time improve,5O% could be returned.


For customized parts. 30% downpay and balance could be negotiated.Place of Origin : NingBo,China(Mainland)

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