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Raw material increased much


      Just back from the holiday for chinese new year,whether steel,brasss or Aluminium all increased much which all are our main raw material used for our mass production.We have 21 years of industry experience.We,HENRY PARTS INC, as the professional supplier for various customized parts such as machining parts,forging parts,casting parts,stamping parts and so on with so many repeat orders from so many customers all over the world,are very worried if we could keep the price unchanged when the repeat orders placed.so at the first time we informed our customers to place orders earlier so we could stock some raw material.most of our customers act positive.some increased the order quantity double.some place the orders earlier.so many thanks for so active supports from our customers which will benefit both of us to develop stable together.Our Mechanical Parts widely used in motor vehicle,motor cycle,vessel,construction industry,agricultural machinery,industry and so on.Please contact us.

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