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The use of mechanical processing surface quality of parts influence the three aspects of performance?

by:HENRY PARTS     2021-03-22
Precision machine tools in the machining process we must do before? Look from the mobile phone industry development after CNC machining surface quality refers to the parts surface state, also is to measure a very important role in the quality of machining. It includes the surface roughness, surface layer metal state of microstructure, mechanical properties and the size of the residual stress and the nature. Surface quality affect the performance of parts using summarized as the following three aspects: 1) The influence of surface roughness of the surface roughness affect matching properties, wear resistance, fatigue strength and corrosion resistance. 2) The influence of surface residual stress in surface in the processing of parts or will produce a compressional stress if, in the process of heat treatment can improve the fatigue strength of parts appropriately. 3) The influence of cold work hardening layer cold work hardening can improve the wear resistance of parts, but excessive hardening can make the tiny crack and spalling surface, increase the wear parts.
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