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The prospect of precision machinery parts processing industry

by:HENRY PARTS     2020-12-02
Precision parts processing and manufacturing is based on high precision machinery parts processing. Using systematic and integrated theory and technology, in accordance with the requirements of machining workpiece structure and realize feeding, processing, testing, handling organic combination and optimization, such as in the production of precision processing under the condition of complete parts. So you know the prospect of precision machinery parts processing industry? Let below small make up to share with everyone! Its purpose is to implement the idea of 'small machine tool processing small parts', is different from the ordinary mechanical parts manufacturing method and technology. It will be processed the silicone material ( Such as metal, ceramic, etc. ) High precision parts of the most effective processing method. To fundamentally solve the problems of precision instrument parts processing way. With high precision, low energy consumption, flexible production and high efficiency. Reduce the size of the whole manufacturing system and precision parts, which can save energy and can save space and resources, in accordance with energy conservation, environmental protection production mode. Is one of the developing direction of green manufacturing. As the aerospace, defense industry, microelectronics industry, the development of modern medicine and biological engineering. For precision and super precision machinery parts ( Feature size in micron level to millimeter level) The demand of increasingly urgent. The structure in the shape of the diversification of alienation, parts, materials, size and surface quality of high precision become high precision mechanical parts and its characteristic of micro devices and equipment, the use function, material properties, structural shapes, reliability requirements more and more is also high. The main precision machinery manufacturers in the western developed countries and some economic development level is higher in developing countries and regions, Such as Singapore, etc. ) 。 Customer base is mainly exists in these areas. High precision parts and components used in all walks of life testing equipment - In terms of scientific instruments, in home is mainly applied in scientific instruments in the instrument and meter industry. Compared precision machinery and general machinery manufacturing, product technology content high, Design and production) , processing equipment, high added value, sales are small batch variation characteristics. Above the industry foreground is precision machinery parts processing, hope can help to you!
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