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The principle of precision machining and processing technology

by:HENRY PARTS     2021-03-04
Today, many more various processing on the market, but not all are suitable for processing, using a different machine, in particular, to carry on the processing, so we should according to own actual situation, to choose, then the principle of parts.com/machining' target='_blank'>precision machining and processing technology of what? Pure is the focus of the basic level to consider how to reduce the error, improve accuracy, so choose essence on the surface of the basic principle is: the first: benchmark superposition principle. Should choose as far as possible the design of the benchmark as locating datum. Especially in the final finish, guarantee the accuracy, more attention should be paid to this principle. So that we can avoid position error caused by the benchmark deviation; Second: the benchmark unified principle. Should choose unified locating datum of all kinds of surface treatment, ensure accuracy of position between the various surfaces of the as far as possible; Sometimes also follow the principle of common benchmark, repeated processing; Third: self conduct benchmark principle. Some small machining allowance, and finishing process of unity, to ensure the machining quality and productivity, and precision machining surface itself as a basic level. Precision machining process the role of the main technical documents, is to guide the production of mechanical processing workshop production planning, scheduling, the operation of the workers, parts processing quality inspection, processing cost accounting, is based on procedure. In dealing with problems in production, but also often to process planning as a common basis. Such as processing quality accident, should be in accordance with the procedure to determine the relevant units and personnel responsibilities. Second, is the main basis of the workshop production preparation work to produce new parts, the first thing to make the parts machining process planning, and according to the procedure for production preparation. Such as: in the process of new parts processing of the analysis and research of the key working procedure; Prepare the knife, clamp, measuring tool; Raw material and blank of purchasing or manufacturing; Purchase of new equipment or old equipment modification, etc. , should be carried out according to the process. Three, is the basic technology of new machinery factory file when building or large mechanical processing workshop, should according to the procedure to determine the required amount and type of machine tools and the layout in the workshop, to determine the area of the workshop size, power and hoisting equipment configuration and the type of work, technical level of workers required, quantity, etc. The principle of precision machining and processing technology, you know? Above is the small make up for the precision machining of some simple introduction, please consult this website for details. Web address: WWW. henryparts。 com
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