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The principle of CNC highlights processing do you understand

by:HENRY PARTS     2021-03-29
At present, the CNC highlights processing technology ( Milling, turning processing) In most of the industry, by technical personnel is not known. Practices indicate they are only a handful of real control consumption enterprises. The main reason is the former is not very strong demand, of course, this also is closely related to and cognition. Today we have to understand it. Let's look at CNC milling shell figure highlights processing, in recent years, with the development of high performance, high precision CNC machine tools and presentation of the excellent performance of metal cutting tools, CNC highlights processing has a big break to milling ( Car) Generation of grinding possible, had become a have to follow the purpose of the mechanical processing industry. CNC highlights processing principle is on precision CNC machining equipment, the use of special cutting tools, with scientific and reasonable cutting parameters, the process to complete the shiny appearance effect, using fine type of CNC machine tool is the precondition of stop highlights processing. Machine tool should have good rigidity and accuracy, such as fine carved CNC machine ( Normal speed for: 20000 r/min) 。 Complete the highlight effect benefit from the use of diamond cutting tools. Diamond tool is the CNC highlights processing industry standard configuration. Good diamond tool cutting edge burrs in high power microscope can't see any gap. Cutting edge can long-term without change. Friction coefficient is small, diamond and nonferrous metal scraps is not easy to stick to the blade, do not produce the devolop tumor.
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