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The numerical control turning processing analysis

by:HENRY PARTS     2020-11-03
Process analysis is more according to the drawings of parts processing requirements to analyze its rationality, at the same time to determine where on the nc lathe machining parts adopt the clamping way, on the surface of the parts processing, feed in order of their route and usage and so on carries on the reasonable choice. This is turning the preparatory phase, after the analysis of the process directly affects the programming, machining efficiency and precision parts processing. While turning processing technology for preparation of very strict, high technical requirements of programmers, in order to keep the degree of reasonable and practical, for programmers should not only familiar with programming language, but also to the working principle of CNC lathe, performance, processing technology, skilled, so as to ensure reasonable processing technology and its practicability. Therefore, in the analysis of the numerical control turning technology, according to the principle of the characteristics of numerical control lathe and processing technology to ensure reasonable, practical and its processing technology. The numerical control turning processing content: 1. Select and determine the parts of the content of the numerical control turning processing, 2. An analysis of the numerical control turning processing parts or drawings, 3. Selection and adjustment, tool and fixture, 4. Process step, industry design, 5. Trajectory calculation and optimization of processing, 6. Writing in the procedure of numerical control turning processing, check and modification, 7. First article processing with the problem of processing, 8. By the nc machining technology documents.
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