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The influencing factors of precision metal parts surface roughness

by:HENRY PARTS     2020-04-13
The factors affecting precision hardware parts surface roughness coating production of spare parts of small make up about it. Affect metal parts surface roughness read what reason? What are the factors affecting precision hardware parts surface roughness, surface roughness determines the quality of the parts, roughness of good parts quality is higher and higher, objectively, the factors affecting precision hardware parts surface roughness has the following three aspects: first, physical factors, in the cutting process of workpiece, the blade rounded corners and extrusion can make the deformation of metal material, it will cause serious deterioration for surface roughness, when processing plastic materials will also because the ribbon cutting and devolop tumor formation, and the hardness is very high. The appearance of the devolop tumor performance is very irregular, so very easy to make the workpiece surface depth or width of the knife. This will inevitably increase the surface roughness of the product. Factors that affect precision hardware parts surface roughness second, technological factors, from the aspects of our precision metal parts processing technology, there are many factors will affect the surface roughness, are cutting tool, workpiece material, factors such as nc machining conditions. Third, the geometrical factors, mainly under the control of the shape of cutting tool, Angle, Angle, etc will be surface roughness has great influence. Coating production of spare parts such as the need to learn more about the latest news, please click into our website: https://www. henryparts。 com/
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