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The global supply chain, is dependent on the precision machining

by:HENRY PARTS     2020-11-14
On the way to ningbo, container truck in an endless stream, in ningbo railway station, trains you to Europe, ningbo precision machining products terminal market, through a variety of transport channels to world precision parts processing orders from all over the world through various channels to fly to ningbo precision machinery parts processing manufacturer. Ningbo precision machining, therefore, the rate of return to work and production of the enterprise, always affects the world's electronic products market player's heart. China supplier to cease, and for a long time can make a lot of precision parts processing orders in shortage situation, on the world market, can substitute from the efficiency of China suppliers haven't appear, southeast Asia's side. Happily, the ningbo precision machinery processing enterprises, the average capacity utilization has reached 95%, a lot of precision parts processing purchaser hanging heart finally can put down. China has the first out of the outbreak, to return to work and production is on the world market, contribution to the global industrial chain, other countries can concentrate on epidemic prevention, the near future can restart the cooperation again. Although ningbo precision machinery parts processing manufacturer faces difficulties, but can be overcome, completes the disease prevention and control, and ready to return to work and production, and to meet the demand of domestic market, and to meet the demand of foreign market, in the key period, contribution to China's power. International division of labor cooperation precision parts processing, because of our participation, will be more competitive.
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