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The electric spark cutting machine precision machinery plant

by:HENRY PARTS     2020-12-14
Ningbo precision machinery processing factory of edm wire cutting machine ( 线切割机床线切割电火花加工简称) , belong to electric processing category, is by the former Soviet union Lin Ke couple lazarus research by spark discharge switch contact corrosion damage phenomenon and reason, found that spark of instantaneous high temperature can make local metal melting, oxidation and corrosion, so as to create and invented the electric spark machining method. Line cutting machine also invented in the Soviet union in 1960, our country is first used in industrial production. The basic physical principle is accumulation of free positive ions and electrons are present, form an ionized conductive channel soon. In this phase, the current is formed between two plates. Lead to countless collisions between particles, forming a plasma, and quickly rise to 8000 ℃ to 12000 ℃ high temperature, in two conductor surface melting moment some material, at the same time, because of the electrode and dielectric liquid vaporization, form a bubble, and its rules of pressure rise until is very high. Then current interruption, temperature suddenly drops, caused an explosion of the air bubble inside, the power to melt material thrown crater, and corrosion of materials in a dielectric fluid to condense into a small ball, and were on dielectric fluid. And then by NC control monitoring and control, servo mechanism, make the uniform discharge phenomenon, so as to achieve processing processed, make it accord with the size and shape in the product requirements of precision. In precision parts processing, line cutting machine tool according to the wire electrode movement speed, may divide into the high speed wire and low-speed wire. Now ningbo precision machining is commonly used, the high speed wire, commonly known as brisk walking silk.
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