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The development trend of CNC machining

by:HENRY PARTS     2021-04-07
More CNC machining center '> CNC machining given the current situation of the development of yuan industrial small make up together with you to analyze, at present, the numerical control technology is undergoing fundamental change, the special enclosed open loop control mode to the universal open real-time dynamic full closed loop control mode. On the basis of integrated CNC system has realized the ultra-thin, microminiaturization; On the basis of intelligent, a combination of computer, multimedia, multidisciplinary technology such as fuzzy control, neural network, the numerical control system realized the high speed, high precision and high efficiency control, machining process can be automatically corrected, adjustment and compensation of various parameters, realized the online intelligent diagnosis and troubleshooting; Based on the network, CAD/CAM and numerical control system integration, machine connected to the Internet, realize the centralized control of group control processing. Long-term since, our country to the traditional closed system structure of nc system, CNC only as an intelligent motion controller of the machine. Process variables according to the experience in the form of fixed parameters set beforehand, processing procedures before the actual processing way by hand or by CAD/CAM and automatic programming system for preparation. There is no feedback control link between CAD/CAM and CNC, the whole manufacturing process of CNC is a closed ring opening of actuators. Under the condition of the complex environment and changeable, processing cutting tool in the process of composition, workpiece material, spindle speed, feed rate, cutting depth and tool path, step length, machining allowance, such as processing parameters, not at the scene environment real-time dynamic adjustment according to the external disturbance and random factors, more can't random by feedback control system set quantitative correction in the CAD/CAM, which affected the work efficiency of CNC and machining quality. Traditional CNC system, therefore, the fixed program control mode and closed architecture, limits the CNC to multivariate intelligent control development, has not adapt to the increasingly sophisticated manufacturing process, as a result, the numerical control technology for change is imperative.
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