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The deformation of parts processing in the cause and the improvement measures

by:HENRY PARTS     2021-03-15
In parts processing industry, the most taboo appear problem, the deformation of the parts, once appear, the consequences will be unimaginable, thus influence enterprise's economic benefit, and trigger a series of security problems, makes the enterprise to panic. What reason cause the deformation of parts problem? How to improve to do again? Mainly include the following: 1, the internal force change parts processing precision. Skilled worker knows, when processing, the three parts are lathe claw clamping, ensure parts at the time of processing, power is stable, over time, can cause the lathe chuck loose, narrow makes parts stress and deformation will occur and 2 prone to deformation, heat treatment processing. When machining some thin and small parts, usually on the first heat treatment, then if the technical personnel's professional knowledge is not solid, not good to understand the structure performance of these parts, it is easy to make the phenomenon of bent parts. 3, parts processing appear elastic deformation caused by external force. Often can be used when making parts processing, lathe and jig, when both uneven, appear in the fixed parts uneven force, the force will produce deformation small party. Improvement measures: one, in the parts after heat treatment and natural deformation, the modification by professional cutting tools, guarantee perfect parts. Second, the technical innovation, increase the parts stiffness. Technical personnel need to improve technology, increase innovation, choose the appropriate limit heat treatment way, change the stiffness of the parts, so that part is not easy to deformation.
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