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The characteristics of the precision machining industry transfer

by:HENRY PARTS     2020-12-15
At present, in the profound changes of sino-us trade friction cases, ningbo situation will further accelerate the outsourcing of precision machining industry. Especially for the U. S. market for ningbo precision machinery parts processing factory, the production line is transferred to the third option is to evade the tariff increases. In previous years have been in advance to suppliers, have tasted the sweets. We believe that the wave precision parts processing industry transfer or exist the following characteristics: 1, industry transfer volume is limited, can't compare with Japan, South Korea, the transfer of Taiwan to the mainland at present, ningbo to Vietnam local precision machining industry transfer, and no episodes, but distributed, transfer speed is very slow. And at the end of last century, ningbo precision parts processing capacity and market space can be fully undertake the related industry transfer of east Asian countries and regions, the scale effect and accelerate the speed of industrial transfer. 2, labor and other factors of production in southeast Asia size constraints, the industrial transfer, east Asian countries and regions, precision parts processing enterprises is took a fancy to the demand of the Chinese market and labor market size. And Vietnam market space, the labor supply is far from it than with China, therefore, the transfer of the wave amplitude is potentially large, outsourcing of precision machining industry in ningbo has brought certain constraints. 3, the industrial transfer will exacerbate ningbo precision machinery parts processing manufacturer differentiation along with the improving of the precision parts processing technology industry added value, ningbo precision machinery processing industry will face no contraction, the added value of large probability in this respect, our industry is more and more close to Japan's situation of the industry transfer. In the future, our industry enterprises with industry transfer performance in a foreign country or will be superior to other companies in the industry, ningbo precision machinery parts processing manufacturer of differentiation phenomenon will be more obvious.
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