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The characteristics of the CNC machining process

by:HENRY PARTS     2021-03-28
More small doubt CNC numerical control processing technology have unique? CNC numerical control processing technology is one of the types of mechanical processing, also abide by the law of machining cutting, about equal to the common machine tool processing technology. Since it is the computer control technology applied to the machining of a kind of automatic processing, thus has high machining efficiency, high precision, processing technology, has its unique process is relatively complex, step work arrangement is more detailed and careful. CNC numerical control processing technology including the selection of the cutting tool, the determination of cutting parameters and feeding process route design, etc. CNC CNC processing technology is the basis of the numerical control programming and core, the only reasonable process, to create high efficiency and high quality of nc program. Measuring criteria for nc program are: the least processing time, the minimum loss of cutting tool and work out the best effect of artifacts. The nc machining process is part of the overall process workpiece, even is a process. It should, in conjunction with other process before and after can satisfy the requirement of the whole machine or mold assembly finally, so as to work out qualified parts. Generally divided into rough machining, nc machining process of coarse qing Angle step processing, semi-finishing and finishing work. Rough machining to choose large knife, within the scope of the machine or tool can withstand the power as much as possible with a larger quantity cutting quickly removed a lot of workpiece materials. In order to prevent the rough machining of cutting vibration loose parts, in thick should be timely correction table after examination, when necessary to the knife. Can be datum after open coarse finishing laser scalpel, ready for school table after checking. For workpieces with complex cavity, due to large open thick with cutting tools, make the corner remnants of a large number of surplus, must use smaller than when rough machining tool for secondary open coarse or Angle. Under the condition of processing area is larger, in order to reduce the loss to the cutting tool semi-finishing. Each step in order to prevent a cut above must leave enough margin, finally finishing process. In general, as far as possible on the machine inspection, qualified only after removed, and for the next thing for processing.
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