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The characteristics of precision machinery parts processing, and prospects

by:HENRY PARTS     2020-12-02
Precision machinery processing industry has been a labor intensive, capital intensive and technology intensive industries, industry threshold is higher, the general enterprise even set up but can not reach a certain scale, is also difficult to generate profits. Large enterprises can through large-scale procurement and production, reduce costs, in coordination with the business to build a regional sales market, covering different areas and different industry products. Therefore precision machinery processing industry has great constant strong characteristic, the future is mainly to the industry integration, regional integration, the integration of industrial chain and strategic integration. Regional integration is in the same area of precision machining business together, so you can focus on policy and management advantages, have a good cooperation effect. Combined to the single function of industrial chain integration is the machine manufacturing industry, or downstream manufacturing enterprises with key suppliers to cooperate, to solve the technical bottleneck facing the complex components; Strategic integration is the introduction of automobile, military and other strategic partners, to more accurately grasp the downstream demand and the development of targeted products, reduce the unnecessary loss in the process of research and development. Precision parts processing process has very strict requirements, will be affected by any carelessness cause workpieces error beyond the limits of tolerance, needs to be processed, or declared blank scrap, greatly increase the cost of production. So, what are the requirements about precision parts processing, today can help us to improve production efficiency. First is the size requirement, must be strictly following the form tolerance requirement of drawing processing. Although enterprise production parts in practice and the size of the drawings don't exactly the same, but the actual size within the scope of the theory of size tolerance, belong to the qualified products, is to be able to use the parts. Second equipment requirements, rough and finish machining equipment should use different performance. Due to the rough machining process is cutting, in most parts of the blank workpiece under the condition of the feed, cutting depth will produce a lot of stress, this time can't again to finish. Artifacts in a certain time after finishing process, should work on a high precision machine tool, workpiece can achieve a high accuracy. Precision parts processing again often have surface treatment and heat treatment process, surface treatment should be on after precision machining. And in the process of precision machining, consideration should be given with the thickness of the thin layer after surface treatment. Is to improve the cutting performance of metal heat treatment, therefore needs to be put before the machining. This is precision parts processing need to follow some requirements.
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