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The basic principles of processing precision machinery parts

by:HENRY PARTS     2021-02-07
In precision machinery parts processing, we must first develop a mechanical parts processing, to ensure that every link is normal. In precision machinery parts processing, grinding to consumer processing all kinds of metal materials and metal materials, floor plan, inner and outer cylinder and cone face can be processed. The whole grinding process can be done by acid mine of abrasive tool based on steel drilling trace analysis, including the physics of mad and organic chemistry of comprehensive effect. Than being developed because of the tool of the original data of soft steel raw materials, thus placing tool surface grinding of abrasive grains or shake, composed of many blade matrix, the grinding tool with steel do exercise, under the required working pressure, the steel surface drilling trace analysis. In choose chrome oxide, polyether or other abrasives, steel surface produces a very thin layers of air oxidation film, the layer of oxide film is very easy to be ground to air, air oxidation film from time to time in the whole grinding process rapidly developed, and grinding on-and-off plant, in turn, accelerated the whole grinding process, reduce roughness. On the steel surface passivation disposal of grits on extrusion, cause the consumer forming deformation processing the original data, the steel surface peak valley to the wrinkles in the plastic deformation or formation of cold work hardening in the deformation from time to time, small cutting to break.
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