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The application of precision machinery parts processing

by:HENRY PARTS     2020-10-03
Precision machinery parts processing at present, the application of precision and ultra-precision technology in our country is no longer confined to defense tips and aerospace and other minorities, it has extended to many fields of national economy, scale also has great growth. So you know the application scope of precision machinery parts processing? Let below small make up to tell you! Computer, modern communications and the dissemination of film and television industry, now require precision and ultra precision machining equipment, as the rapid development of support. Computer disk, VCR magnetic head, prism many facets of the laser printer and copier photosensitive drum parts such as precision and super precision machining, adopting are efficient ways of autometic large-lot production. The United States, Britain, Japan, Germany, the Netherlands and other developed countries of precision and ultra-precision processing technology in the world. This technology not only used for military, is also a large number of used in the production of civilian goods. A period in the future, our country will be efficient, ningbo precision parts processing of ultra-precision lathe, CNC ultra-precision composite machine, ultra-precision plane and cylindrical grinding machine, development of ultra-precision machining technology and application engineering, led a group of precision and ultra precision on the basis of functional components, such as ultra-precision spindle shafting, super precision servo feed system, the ultra precision measuring system and the development of the automatic error compensation system to satisfy the aerospace, aviation, and demand for the development of high-tech industries like computers. Precision machinery parts processing, ultra precision machining, can adopt the secondary processing machine tools; Milling flat machine tools; Machine tool cutting machine; Drill machine; Edge milling machine machine tools; Cross slot milling machine; Slot milling machine tools; Chamfering machine tools; Reducing machine; Tapping machine; Cross cutting machine tools; Slot milling machine; Milling machine tools; Milling with machine tools; Plane milling machine tools; Milling machine the steps, and, Multi-function machine; Combination machine tools; Dividing slot milling machine; Axial machine; The number of the flat and parallel vertical slot, and a flat slot parallel vertical Angle can be processed, different products can be according to the need to design related machine, and some machine can process a variety of products. High efficiency and precision of + / - 0. 015MM。 Mainly applied to various classes of axis ( The diameter of 2 - 25毫米) , potentiometer, radiator, plug, lighting accessories, and other fields, copper, iron, aluminum, stainless steel, nonmetal material, shape can be round, according to the requirements tailored. The above content is the application of precision machinery parts processing, the hope can help you!
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