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The ambulance CNC parts processing, the enterprise in power

by:HENRY PARTS     2020-10-02
A disease, let many CNC parts processing products are in short supply, such as the parts of the ambulances, recent procurement requirements are rising steadily. For familiar with auto precision parts processing service enterprise, the ambulance parts processing can be seamless docking, basically there is nothing difficult, just another application scenario. But, during the Spring Festival holiday, a lot of ningbo precision machinery processing enterprises have no work, a lot of customers with the drawings to find manufacturers. Our online customer received every day around the ambulance car manufacturers inquiry, but also helpless, ningbo precision machinery parts processing factory is in the off state. Let's look at the order of their scene, can now be changed greatly, ningbo precision machinery processing enterprises have to return to work and production, auto precision parts processing services can be developed, and the normal order of the ambulance companies can prioritize production, welcome customers to come to inquire cooperation all over the country, we must use the best quality to meet the needs of the front. 11 years of car CNC parts processing factory, quality excellent, and many domestic automobile enterprises. The ambulance parts production, and the requirement of ordinary cars are about the same, is the delivery is out now, our team will try to solve this problem, white and black, five plus 2 to meet the needs of the epidemic prevention and control.
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