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The advantage of the precision parts processing center

by:HENRY PARTS     2021-02-19
The advantage of aluminum machining precision parts precision parts machining center is a high efficiency and high precision nc machine tool and workpiece clamping can complete multiple processes. At the same time also has the knife library and automatic tool change function. Aluminum mechanical precision parts processing center can realize three-axis or multi-axis linkage control, to ensure that the tool complex curved surface machining. Precision parts processing center in addition to the linear interpolation and circular interpolation, also has a variety of processing capabilities, such as fixed cycle, automatic cutter radius compensation, automatic tool length compensation, graphics processing, human-computer interaction, automatic fault diagnosis and off-line programming, etc. The advantage of the precision parts machining center is developed on the basis of the numerical control milling machine. CNC milling machine and CNC milling machine can automatically change is the biggest difference between machining center machine, the machine can be mounted on the knife library. Spindle by tool fixture on the automatic tool change device instead. Now it has a lot of processing functions. Precision parts processing equipment is suitable for the large-scale, high precision and complex processing, and circular arc, cone, etc. Especially the processing capacity. The advantage of aluminum processing precision parts involved in the industrial production materials, technology, cost and quantity. Many parts can't use the machine batch production, so we need some special techniques for processing small size or small precision parts, may also involve manual processing. General CNC, rapid mold, vacuum silicone mold was adopted to realize the small batch production. 3 digit small precision parts processing single digit to mold of the method is simple, soft mould, or processing directly. Small precision parts general is by car, milling, planing, grinding, clamp, cut, pull, punching, tapping and other methods. On behalf of the industry including aviation, aviation industry, gas industry, shipbuilding industry, engineering machinery, machine tool industry. Is a typical representative of mass production in automobile industry, automobile industry of new models and trial production of engine, and is mainly used for mass production mold foundry industry is still the single small batch production. The advantages of aluminum mechanical precision parts processing and small batch production, can save time and cost of materials, fast product release cycle. Small batch production is closely related to the plank. Hand is small precision parts. On the premise of manufacturing, small precision parts processing is based on standard. The advantage of the precision parts processing focus on small precision parts processing, to a large extent satisfy more personalized custom products. With the progress of social civilization and people living standard rise, our pursuit of material surface. Personalized life, personalized products, more can reflect the colorful life rhythm. In industry, CNC, milling machine, lathe, etc method commonly used in small precision parts processing, processing depth is larger, so as to implement the individualized product. In industrial processes, the key customer needs faster and higher quality.
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