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The advantage of the CNC parts processing in which parts of the world

by:HENRY PARTS     2020-03-30
CNC machining parts where is embodied in the advantages of CNC precision parts processing in processing work people all know, processing is divided into many kinds, not just only one, but there are a lot of kinds, dongguan CNC parts processing is one of them, it with other processing, and what is the difference between, so the advantage of CNC machining in what place? 1, CNC machining parts processing adaptability is strong, good sensitivity, can be processed special complex or difficult to control the size of the contour shape parts, such as mold parts, body parts, etc. 2, CNC machine tool processing ordinary cannot or difficult to machining parts, such as use mathematical model to describe the complex curve parts and three dimensional space curved surface parts. 3, CNC machining, after a clamping positioning need to stop the multichannel machining parts. 4, CNC machining high precision, stable quality, is now nc install pulse equivalent normal to zero. 001 mm, the high accuracy of numerical control system can reach 0. 02 - 0. 5 mm, in addition, the numerical control processing and also prevent the operation of the operator. 5, CNC processing consumption high level automation, can reduce the labor intensity of operators. Automatic management is advantageous to the consumer. 6, consumption of high efficiency, CNC processing common don't need use special fixture special process equipment, such as when a change in workpiece just call stored in the numerical control processing program of installation, clamping tools and adjustment of cutting tool data, thus greatly shortens the cycle of consumption. Such as the need to learn more about the latest news CNC precision parts processing, welcome to click into our website: https://www. henryparts。 com/
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