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Ten factors affecting precision parts machining accuracy

by:HENRY PARTS     2020-10-12
It is well known that the precision parts processing, known as precision machining, because of its machining process and process requirement is very high, the product accuracy requirement is very high, the machining accuracy and precision parts in contains the location accuracy and the precision of size, shape accuracy, small make up for we summarized the following ten major factors affected the accuracy of precision parts processing: ( 1) Machine tool spindle can beat the machining accuracy of parts have a certain error. ( 2) The accuracy of machine tool guideway inaccurate can also lead to the shape of the precision parts machining error. ( 3) Driving part can also lead to the workpiece machining error, which is the main factor of surface errors. ( 4) Kind of cutting tool, jig will be different degrees of influence on machining precision of the workpiece. ( 5) In the process of machining cutting system due to change the location of the stress points will produce deformation, resulting in a difference, also can make the precision of the workpiece to produce different degree of error. ( 6) Cutting force of different size, can also lead to the workpiece precision is affected. ( 7) Thermal deformation caused by the error of process system, mechanical processing process, process system in a variety of hot deformation under the action of heat source to produce. ( 7) Produced by the process system of the heat deformation often leads to the precision of the workpiece is affected. ( 8) Machine tool is heated to generate deformation will lead to deformation is generated. ( 9) Cutting tool thermal deformation will have great influence on the workpiece. ( 10) Itself thermal deformation of workpiece, mainly in the process of cutting heat deformation.
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