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Talk about nc parts processing little common sense

by:HENRY PARTS     2020-10-23
When a nc parts processing system is activated, the required cutting programmed into the software, and instruction to the corresponding precision tools and machinery parts processing, these tools and machinery to perform specified the size of the task, like robots. In numerical control processing programming, digital code generator in the system usually assumes that the agency is without defects, despite the possibility of error, but when the precision parts processing machine tools is guide the cutting in multiple directions at the same time, the more likely. The placement of numerical control system of cutting tool, input consists of a series called parts program management. On the nc machine tool machining parts, program is through the punch card input. Nc machine tool, by contrast, is through a small keyboard input computer program. CNC programming stored in computer memory. By the programmers to write and edit the code itself. Therefore, the numerical control system provides a wider range of computing power. Most importantly, CNC system is not static, because the update tip can be modified by the code added to a pre-existing applications.
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