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Review the precision parts processing industry

by:HENRY PARTS     2020-11-21
When it comes to global manufacturing scale, the United States is probably the world's second, has the advanced precision parts processing industry system, ranks in the top position in the global industrial chain. Ningbo precision machining expert points out, American manufacturing market value added ( MVA) Have breached $2 trillion over the years, manufacturing has broke through the 15% of GDP. If preliminary estimates that the added value of the global manufacturing close to 20% of the total parts in the United States. In precision parts processing industry, for example, the innovation ability of the United States is leading the global, 4 in industry. Emerging technology breakthrough the first tier of 0. Besides factors of sustainable resources and institutional framework, U. S. manufacturing high scores on the other driver is the world's highest. A lot of ningbo precision machinery parts processing manufacturer companies have extensive cooperation with the United States, such as the United States apple cannot leave ningbo precision machining services. However, in the past 20 years, the United States of the declining competitiveness of precision machining industry, many U. S. companies do not made the United States as a destination, the attraction of the U. S. manufacturing suffered severe challenges. After the trump government came to power, especially want to promote economic development through manufacturing Renaissance. In 2017, the United States also adjusted the enterprise income tax, from 35% to 21%, to appeal to American businesses back home. But let the distribution of the precision parts processing enterprises in Asia to return to the United States, I'm afraid not so optimistic, because the free trade agreement and related policy and regulatory uncertainty for these enterprises is also a risk. Such as the us lift up high the flag of trade protectionism, and disturbed the mechanical parts processing enterprises of global supply chains, resulting in a decline in the proportion of the manufacturing of the CDP instead, this is afraid is unexpected trump.
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