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Processes for the production of precision parts processing

by:HENRY PARTS     2021-02-28
More in precision parts processing 'target =' love '> precision parts processing manufacturing process, due to the requirements and production conditions such as different parts, precision parts processing manufacturing process is not the same. The processing plan of the same parts with different production, its production efficiency and economic benefit is not the same. On the premise of ensure the quality of the parts, proposed has good comprehensive technical and economic benefits, the feasible process scheme process called precision parts processing process design. Precision parts processing of machining process is composed of a number of processes, each process step and by location, industry, feeding and installation. A variety of different shapes of precision parts processing, is made up of many surface in various combinations, the surface has a certain size and position of each other between requirements. Benchmark is to determine the parts ( Or component part (s) On some points, lines, the position is based on the dot, line, face, namely the benchmark is part itself on or related to the parts surface, line or point, according to the plane, line or point to determine a part on the other side, the position of the line or point. Precision parts processing process is the basic unit of machining process. Process refers to the one ( Or a set) Workers, on a machine tools ( Or a working place) For the same artifacts ( Or at the same time a few artifacts) The continuous finish that part of the process. Constitute the main characteristics of a process is not changing processing objects, equipment and operator, and the content of the process is completed in a row.
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