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Problems of nc machine tool machining

by:HENRY PARTS     2020-11-03
More nc machine tools machining problems are as follows: 1. Computer programming is not standard with the rapid development of computer science and technology, numerical control machine tool machining is more and more intelligent, the current CNC machining was built up and running in the computer programming program, a computer program will work the entire numerical control machine is decomposed into multiple distributed control steps, at present, the computer programming programs are widely used in CNC machining of each link, at the same time also has the CNC machining system redundant factory debugging process and numerical control machine go empty dao, wrong mistake operation, the main cause of the problem is that computer programming is not standard, non-standard computer programs often occurs in the process of nc machine tool machining error, seriously affect the efficiency of nc machine tool machining. 2. Lack of perfect and standard system of industry in recent years, the nc machine tool machining technology and machining processing system and rapid development, but under the influence of mechanical processing industry in the equipment loss in CNC machining parts quality is difficult to achieve the precision of related questions, the lack of perfect and standard system of industry, in addition, some operators did not fully understand and grasp the advanced CNC machining equipment, finishing and thick mechanic for mechanical equipment is difficult to difference in terms of performance, that affect the quality of machining parts, also affects the efficiency of nc machine tool machining.
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