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Precision parts processing, with the strength to conquer the customer

by:HENRY PARTS     2020-10-02
Competitive precision parts processing, ningbo has been turning to high-tech products, precision machining market is no longer a pure play rob order price, but rushed to launch accuracy is higher, exterior is more fine products to drum up business. Such as jiangsu nanjing side, see mechanical parts processing plant is not much, a lot of nanjing customers all like go to ningbo factory. Recently, Mr. Zhang, the search found our company 'nanjing precision parts processing, understand the basic situation on the site after the impression is good, it launched a consultation to customer service. They spent a lot of time has developed a new product, in the near to find a supplier cooperation. Although cheap, but quality is not good, eat a lot of losses. This time, they on the Internet looking for ningbo precision machining suppliers, are more cautious. Because of the experience of the last time, Mr. Zhang also a bit concern for us. We can ask Mr Zhang to our company, ningbo inspection each other but can't afford the time. In this way, we can only tell him, our customer case in nanjing, and calls to him, let him to investigate. The next day, Mr. Zhang are looking for our order. And two weeks later, Mr. Zhang received from our precision parts processing products, after they have seen the very satisfied, and said the follow-up will also work with ningbo precision machining suppliers, better than nanjing machinery parts processing suppliers over there don't know how many times. Although the distance far away, but the quality, work together as worry.
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