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Precision parts processing, strict control of tolerance

by:HENRY PARTS     2021-03-03
In precision parts processing, each procedure, there is error, so we need in strict accordance with the drawings of the tolerance to perform. Tolerance can't eliminate, can control them, try to limit within a reasonable range. Ningbo precision machinery parts processing manufacturer here, will introduce the tolerance of some common knowledge: such as the default tolerance: unless the precision parts processing customers, including tolerance specification, general allowable tolerance level for the metal parts of plus or minus 0. Plus or minus 0 005 inches and plastic parts. 010 inches. Metal parts of the wall thickness at least 0. 030 inches. The plastic parts wall thickness at least 0. 060 inches. For ningbo precision machinery processing industry, the best practice is to grinding surface roughness and the largest 125 inches, peak valley by the workpiece surface root mean square ( RMS) Measurement. Only in precision parts processing customer requirements, ningbo precision machinery parts processing factory to make the surface finish processing. Such as more strict tolerance: tight tolerances may exceed standard tolerance by default. However, a more strict tolerance will lead to additional cost precision parts processing, because more strict tolerance may increase waste, need more fixed or additional measurement process. In order to implement more strict tolerance, ningbo precision machinery parts processing manufacturer may need longer time to slow down the processing speed loop. Therefore, only when needed to reach the key design code, should be more strict tolerance.
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