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Precision parts processing procedures and standards for the division of work step

by:HENRY PARTS     2021-02-25
More in precision parts processing, the process and the division of work step is quite clear, fine to each link. The general processing industry is in accordance with the procedure or step is working to divide the task. Each person is responsible for the part, or is part of a team of people responsible for. A clear division of responsibilities and tasks. Precision parts processing process is divided into reference to the processing of the processing technology of parts and design. Precision parts processing on the CNC machine, process can be more concentrated, as much as possible in a clamping do most or all of the process. Should first according to the parts drawing, consider whether processed parts can be done on a CNC machine tool processing work of the whole parts, if not should be decided which part on the nc machine tool processing, which part on the other machine tool processing, machining process of division. Process and the division of work step is according to the structural features and technical requirements of specific parts, and so on and so forth comprehensive consideration. General process classified methods: steps work division of labor division is mainly from two aspects of the machining accuracy and efficiency consideration. Within a precision parts processing process often need to adopt different cutting tools and cutting dosage, the different surface processing. In order to facilitate analysis and describe the complex process, in the process step is subdivided into work. Step work division principle: 1. One roughing and semi-finishing and finishing at the same surface finish, or all of the processing surface according to coarse before they are processed separately. 2. For there are both milling surface and the boring parts, can be boring after milling surface first. According to the classification work steps of this method, can improve the precision of the hole. Because when the milling cutting force is bigger, prone to deformation. Boring after milling surface first, make its have a period of time to recover, decrease caused by deformation of its influence on the precision of the hole. 3. According to the classification work of cutting tool. Precision parts processing machine tool rotary table time shorter than tool change time, can be used according to the classification work steps of cutting tool, to reduce the changeover times, improve processing efficiency.
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