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Precision parts processing, must break through the core technology

by:HENRY PARTS     2020-11-27
We know that manufacturing industry is the need of the international division of labor, precision parts processing requires a lot of countries to cooperate, play to their comparative advantage. Over the years, ningbo precision machinery parts processing factory has depth participated in the international division of labor, both need to purchase foreign processing equipment ( Including technology) And also provide some CNC parts processing services to foreign customers. Originally, this is a win-win situation. Sino-us trade disputes, however, are broke the precision parts processing and the balance of international cooperation. The U. S. government is easily picked up the 'cut off' big stick, to sanctions against China's enterprises, of course also contains some CNC parts processing enterprises. Several ningbo precision machinery parts processing production of unmanned aerial vehicle (uav), mobile phone manufacturer is impressively in the column. Black swan events remind us that the international division of Labour in the core technology of precision parts processing, we will have to find a breakthrough on the independent innovation, for these the key link of thetime must have its own voice, to avoid them. The future development of ningbo precision machinery parts processing manufacturer must put more energy on the core technology.
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