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Precision machining, went to Japan

by:HENRY PARTS     2020-12-13
A trade war with China to make the precision parts processing industry in China has been hit hard, especially in ningbo precision machinery processing enterprises, one of the most famous one is completely unable to use the parts. At this juncture, a lot of research and development of ningbo precision machinery parts processing manufacturer have stepped up the strength of the key link, once stuck his neck, only to suspend the business activities. Ningbo enterprises us off for a chip, just a bit off guard. Ningbo precision machinery processing enterprises, however, do not use the parts, does not represent the now push new products to rely solely on localization of parts. Increase the independent innovation, to achieve self-reliance, should let go of international cooperation, ningbo precision machinery parts processing manufacturer have no suppliers in the United States, can also and other precision parts processing power of enterprise cooperation, such as Japan, South Korea, Germany, is a choice. In the sanctions by the United States of ningbo precision machinery processing enterprises in the supply chain, there are still a lot of suppliers in other countries can not be replaced. As long as you don't select parts from the United States and other countries of the parts can still purchase, ningbo precision machinery parts processing factory has been looking forward to a ecological development of cooperation, such as from Japan's SONY cameras, antenna switch from murata manufacturing, from South Korea's samsung and Toshiba flash memory, etc. American sanctions against ningbo precision machinery processing enterprises, let the Japanese companies became the biggest winner. Ningbo precision machinery parts processing factory are now the supplier replace Japan suppliers in the United States, Japan, have replaced the United States, become one of the biggest parts procurement of domestic precision parts processing enterprises. It is estimated that only parts purchases this year estimated to reach about $10. 1 billion or so, it is not a good news for U. S. companies.
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