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Precision machining, the convoy war disease research

by:HENRY PARTS     2020-12-26
Go where there is epidemic, fight it till it perishes. Ningbo precision machinery processing enterprises not only to their own epidemic prevention and control, and also need to help fight disease research institutions do OEM service for medical devices. Time out, heavy task, but again painstakingly again tired, ningbo precision machinery parts processing manufacturer also won't delay the customer's order, especially the plague on order. Xi general secretary pointed out that the plague has two fronts, one is in front of the medical team at the front, one is behind the scientific research institution. We ningbo precision machinery processing enterprises is the auxiliary power behind the scientific research institution, the response at any time they demand medical instrument precision parts processing services, quality, finish the work in time. Medical equipment orders, originally is ningbo precision machinery parts processing manufacturer of traditional business, especially in the annual exhibition gathers, these orders will be more special. This year really is not the same as in previous years, the outbreak has changed everything, a lot of seasonal CNC parts processing orders are delayed, but this kind of medical scientific research order ahead of time to come. Disease research, is a matter of global disease resistance struggle victory, defeat the disease eventually want to rely on science and technology. As a scientific research institution of foundries, ningbo precision machinery processing enterprises have not careless, absolutely can't make any mistakes, 11 years of experience in precision parts processing, we can also guarantee for the customer to provide the best service at the front.
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