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Precision machining, how to control the main shaft sinking

by:HENRY PARTS     2020-12-21
Ningbo precision machining expert points out, machine tool spindle out to have a gravity sinking. In ningbo has a kind of machine tools, precision machinery parts processing manufacturer in shaft sinking control is done very good, it the spindle box of suspension system and the connection of wire rope is not just between wire rope and the spindle box adds a balance cylinder, it can adjust the spindle box of a micro fluctuation position, so as to achieve the aim of adjusting shaft sinking. In precision parts processing, just like the X axis adjustment, adjust the vertical wedge pressure or up and down position, also can achieve adjustment shaft sinking orders, just the more troublesome, need to remove the spindle box to adjust, a lot of maintenance personnel are too lazy to do the work but in the absence of balance cylinder, it is only to achieve the balance of a general. If you can transform, ningbo precision machining experts still believe in wedge, as shown in figure 2 16, with electric control to make wedge position adjust up and down, or adjust the wedge on the static pressure oil pressure directly, can make the spindle has been in a horizontal position, in fact, and ningbo precision machinery parts processing manufacturer of hydraulic cylinder of the patent technology.
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