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Precision machining fast review: Vietnam produce a concern

by:HENRY PARTS     2020-12-10
Mainland in recent years, due to the raw materials and labor costs rising, many ningbo precision machinery processing enterprises have started to Vietnam and other southeast Asian countries to invest in new factories. Especially the emergence of sino-us trade disputes, make a lot of ningbo precision machinery parts processing manufacturer feel to Vietnam factory is a very good avoid measures, especially those Taiwanese precision parts processing enterprises in ningbo has fast one step. After a period of production, Vietnam is not as perfect as Made in China, Vietnam, on the other side of the mechanical parts processing plant popped the question. Accordingly to Vietnam investment ningbo precision machinery parts processing manufacturer, Vietnam manufacturing is not expected bon, local wages are rising, the production efficiency and the Chinese side or there's a huge difference, subsequent sure there will be other negative news. This year, apple has chosen mechanical parts processing plant in Vietnam do OEM cooperation, trial-produce new wearable devices, but apple for cooperation are less satisfied, interested in expanding in China OEM cooperation. The precision machining industry in ningbo, is a big positive, cooperate with apple has many years of ningbo precision machinery parts processing factory, good better access to apple's new product OEM orders.
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