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Precision machining, fascinating

by:HENRY PARTS     2020-12-28
Entrepreneurial fashion, hatch as the base, ningbo precision machining. A lot of people come to ningbo, is a young city soil entrepreneurship. A good precision parts processing business projects, cannot leave the incubators to nurture and guide. There are a lot of industrial park in ningbo, it is the national business incubation demonstration base, today a batch of famous ningbo precision machinery parts processing factory are the brands of the industrial park hatch out. Ningbo precision machinery processing industry in recent years, relying on the regional industry advantage, agglomeration development, in many industrial park have been completed industrial design park, square design, innovative design and research institute, key projects such as CNC machining parts r&d center. These industrial park also introduce more successful ningbo precision machinery parts processing manufacturer based in park, deliver one-to-one directional guidance for start-up of incubation. Ningbo precision machinery processing industry support and this is only an epitome of the development of the 'double gen'. For a guest in the field of precision parts processing, ningbo public entrepreneurship peoples innovation activities from the 'double gen week' to 'double gen month' to 'double gen years', great variety. Entrepreneurs to any of the problems encountered in the process of project incubation, can be in innovation study club activities, investment institutions face-to-face activities, business model innovation and entrepreneurship promotion training camps and other one-stop services.
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