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Precision machining, employees working in more than five years

by:HENRY PARTS     2020-12-18
Precision machining industry in ningbo, we have gone through 10 years of history, from the men's team, has developed to the precision parts processing plant more than 50 people, entrepreneurial hard only we know ourselves. The most worthy of our happy things, many employees are industrious, team is very stable, great to ensure we make on the CNC parts processing product quality. Recently, the dongguan changan clients are in urgent need of a precision parts processing products, asked several ningbo precision machinery processing manufacturers, have no a meet their requirements. The best, the customer asked the friend ningbo side, which is the good CNC parts processing factory, guaranteed quality? His friends advice to our company, quality, reputation, service don't have to worry about. Casual, he will go to our website to know our information. When customers see the dongguan changan, we have a whole plant supplier, dozens of imported processing equipment, two axis, three axis, four axis, and even the five-axis machine, will know that such precision parts processing power is not the general, not ordinary sense of the small factory. We have more than 50 technical team, in particular, the core position of the teacher has more than 5 years length of service, operating CNC parts processing technology is very skilled. The introduction, greatly stimulated the customer cooperation, especially want to come over to look at. From dongguan changan ningbo baoan also too close, the customer feel our precision parts processing factory soon. On the ground after read it again in our production workshop, very satisfied, on the spot under the orders, arrange the production soon. Ningbo precision machinery parts processing manufacturer did not disappoint the customers, within the prescribed period of time, we accomplished the task assigned by the! The other side to give us feedback, later will also find our cooperation, reasonable price, quality assured!
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