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Precision machining, be badly in need of crack job difficult

by:HENRY PARTS     2020-12-26
Pneumonia disease has lasted for more than a month, a lot of ningbo precision machinery parts processing factory are facing real difficulties. Such as difficult to dismiss workers and is now a lot of ningbo precision machinery processing enterprise boss very headache problem. As the return to work and production progress is accelerated, the backlog of precision parts processing order to production scheduling, staff are in short supply. Usual after the Spring Festival, many people began to look for a job, precision parts processing jobs now faces the situation of no one. Turnover was controlled, although it is in the face of epidemic flatly moves, but the labor market also become empty. This time, come out to look for a job person really rarely, ningbo precision machinery processing enterprises take orders can only sigh. Especially in HuBeiJi employees as the main body of the ningbo precision machining factories, they all stress. Production lines were launched, but no employees to return, now want to go to labor market for recruiting employees, is impossible. Ningbo precision machinery processing enterprises are now only myself to find a way to conquer the difficulties. If the outbreak is not lifted, many factories to apply for the staff to interview is a problem. Ningbo every industrial park has been controlled, temporarily don't welcomed a stranger. Now the only way is through the APP to start the online recruitment, personnel departments to plan, help nc parts processing enterprises to actively solve the problem of 'wartime' recruitment, recruitment.
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