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Precision machining and create intelligent speakers

by:HENRY PARTS     2020-12-18
Smart speaker equipment popular market, cannot leave the contribution of ningbo precision machinery processing industry. A lot of power in the field of intelligent speaker brand, precision machinery parts processing manufacturer is ningbo downstream customers. Cheap and fine precision parts processing services to China's smart speaker brand is very competitive in the global market. Ningbo precision machining experts point out that, in the second quarter of this year global intelligent speaker market shipments of 26. 1 million units, to maintain the 55. 4% of high growth, and the first market position by baidu, Google ranking second. According to the production of intelligent speakers of ningbo precision machinery parts processing manufacturer, baidu's shipments of 4. 5 million units, 200000 units, more than the second possession of 17. 3% of the market, a shocking year-on-year growth of 3700%. Baidu service explosive growth, China precision parts processing and intelligent scale and vitality of the ecosystem. Baidu and ningbo precision machinery parts processing factory cooperation, are developing artificial intelligence platform speaker products, but also will launch more price more populist model, continue bullish market performance in the future.
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