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Precision machinery processing, word of mouth open market in wuhan

by:HENRY PARTS     2020-12-24
In the business cooperation, information asymmetry is the biggest problem, the customer in the choice of ningbo precision machinery processing enterprises, the good reputation will first take a look at their house. Now the network is too rich, just to check on the net, you can gain a lot of suppliers of information, the old customer reviews will be clear at a glance. At present, a lot of ningbo precision machinery parts processing manufacturer customers channel, has accounted for a large part of the network channels. Recently, there is a customer from wuhan, the search precision parts processing, saw a lot of the information of ningbo precision machinery parts processing manufacturer, he looked at the customer reviews, find old customers for our service evaluation are very good, just log in our website to know the specific process of cooperation. Because they need to customize a number of metal parts, and relatively strict appearance and accuracy, so it is prudent. When we see the wuhan customer drawings, was immediately said can cooperation, but still don't trust, he want to come our factory site visits. They are coming to ningbo company recently to attend a meeting, just have time to come. Not long before customers came to wuhan we ningbo precision machinery parts processing factory production workshop, look after, think we are still a pretty serious suppliers, have the confidence of the cooperation immediately. Before signing a contract, we are especially for wuhan's customers look at the samples we did, appearance is very beautiful, the basic requirement for on their drawings. Both sides communicate the processing details, the other party soon under the orders, and call back the advance payment. He also told us that sees the Internet word of mouth is very good, just ran over to look at the distance, if this do well, the two sides also can continue to cooperation, our factory won't let him down!
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