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Precision machinery processing, quality and price are related

by:HENRY PARTS     2020-12-17
In order to verify the feasibility of the new product of research and development, cannot leave the precision parts processing services. And choose a regular ningbo precision machining service provider, is a test of customer's judgment. Choose a good precision machinery parts processing factory, ningbo is can save a lot of unnecessary trouble, for customer experience knows not worry, and effort. Recently, the jiangxi's xu found our company again. She find we talked about before precision parts processing cooperation, but our quotation is a little bit more than they expected. However, although there is no successful cooperation, she said very recognition of ningbo precision machining quality. Later, she found a supplier of east China, the price is cheap. Your order before, there also said how good equipment, delivery how fast, how the quality of production. But by the time to get the product, the quality is not good, the surface treatment is very poor. So, miss xu scolded company leaders, let she reared its head in the company. At this moment, miss xu again remind of ningbo precision machinery parts processing factory, really is a life-saving straw. This time, we also told miss xu why ningbo precision machining of the price will be more expensive than other places. Miss xu felt very reasonable and then under the single. In fact, many formal ningbo precision machinery parts processing manufacturer price is more expensive, mainly because in precision parts processing has certain security on quality, service, said will do, not blow it up, but to get the product in. If you want to know about ningbo precision machining process and the information such as price, you can consult our customer service! Welcome you to bother!
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