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Precision machinery processing industry sales methods

by:HENRY PARTS     2021-04-12
Yuan, machinery industry for many years sales experience. For sales representatives, marketing is undoubtedly must master the knowledge, not knowledge as the foundation of the sales, only as a speculative, unable to truly experience the full of sales. A successful marketing is not a story by accident, it is to learn, plans, and a sales representative of the knowledge and skill. Marketing is the use of common sense, but only put these into practice proved the idea of using in actively, to have an impact. Before the blockbuster success, first, to be prepared for a boring job. Sell preparation, plan the work, must never neglect contempt, prepared to win. Ready to sell tools, opening, and the question, the said, as well as the possible answer. Advance preparation with the inspiration of comprehensive strength, often is easy to break down a strong opponent and succeed. The best sales representative are the most abundant attitude, product knowledge, the most considerate service sales representative. 8. Adopt corresponding countermeasures. Sales representatives have to read more about economic, selling books, magazines, especially must read the newspaper every day, understand the state, social news, news event, to visit customers, which often yes topic, and not be informed and knowledgeable. Orders for road begins to find customers, develop customer is more important than the immediate sales, if stop adding new customers, the sales representative will no longer have the source of success. Is not a benefit to the customer's transaction must be harmful to a sales representative, which is one of the most important business ethics. 12. When visit customers, sales representatives, should be the one when rule is even fall down to a handful of sand. Mean, sales representatives can't empty-handed, even sell did not clinch a deal, also want to let the customer to introduce a new customer. Select the customer. To measure the customer's purchase intention and ability, do not waste time in indecision. 14. Strong impression of the most important rule is to help people feel important. Punctual for appointments - - Late means: I don't respect your time. Being late is no excuse, if cannot avoid being late, you must call the past to apologize before the appointed time, continue unfinished work. To Mr. Can make a buying decision power to promote sales. If you had no power to say buy sales object, it is unlikely that you will be able to sell anything. Sales to be successful. And make customers feel good and can go smoothly the consultation, is the job of the sales representative should effort to prepare in advance and strategy. Sales representatives can't and he visited every customer a deal, he should try to visit more customers to increase the percentage of clinch a deal. To understand your customers, because they are depends on your performance. 21. Before becoming a good sales representative, you want to be a good investigator. You must go to find, to track, to investigate, until touch all prospective clients, make them be your good friend so far. Believe that your product is the necessary conditions of the sales representative, this confidence will be passed on to your clients, if you goods have no confidence in yourself, your customers for its natural also won't have confidence. Customer is not so much because you talk was said eye logic level is high, and he is persuaded by your deep faith. 23. Results good sales representatives to withstand failure, in part because they for themselves and sell products with complete confidence. Understand customers and satisfy their needs. Don't understand the needs of customers, like walking in the dark, in vain and see the results. For a sales representative, the most valuable thing is time. Understand and choose the customer, is to make the sales representatives and strength in your time most buy possible customers, rather than waste in people cannot buy your products. There are three rules for increasing sales: - Is one of the important customer, focus on your two is more concentrated, three is more more concentrated. 27. Customer no high and low, but there are hierarchical. In accordance with the level of customer to determine the number of visit, time, can make the efficiency of sales representatives of time to play. Close to the customer must not the same formulation, must be fully prepared in advance, for each type of customer, take the most appropriate approach and opening. 29. Opportunity is often - sell - Longitudinal must be quickly, accurately, to do judgment, careful attention to, in order to avoid missed opportunities, more efforts should be made to create opportunities. 30. Focus on the right target, proper use of time and the right customers, you will have the eye of the tiger. Sell the gold standard is how you like others to you, how you treat others; Promote the platinum rule is respect to the way people happy times.
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