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Precision machinery processing factory CNC precision parts processing what problem

by:HENRY PARTS     2020-12-14
Ningbo precision machinery processing factory what are the problems using CNC precision parts processing precision parts processing machinery and equipment to carry out processing, high efficiency and high cost performance, but if the improper allocation technology, is not can well reflect the advantage of it. From some CNC precision parts processing factory work experience, deposit has the following several problems: 1, CNC precision parts processing process excessive scattered because of the problem depends on the fear of numerous ( Refers to the time to prepare in advance) Programming simple and easy, simple, practical processing, application processing and easy to adjust the knife, a knife used to general processing. That would lead to the product quality, The shape of tolerance) Not easy to ensure productivity can give full play to the well. Therefore, CNC precision parts processing and processing technology staff and the operator should be all-around nc professional knowledge, more to try, in order to grasp the professional knowledge, as far as possible choose centralized way to carry out the whole process, want to use a few times, of course, reflects the advantage of it. After selection process centralization, the enterprise improve processing times, we will be two zero distance layout, machinery and equipment to complete the one actually two machine equipment operation, high efficiency gain increased significantly, also obtained the very good to ensure quality. 2 is not scientific, CNC precision parts processing order some CNC precision parts processing operator fully consider some of the challenges are prepared ahead of time, often assigned to the processing order is highly scientific. Nc machining general according to the provisions of the general mechanical equipment processing technology personnel allocation to carry out processing, such as coarse before they are fine, Tool change) , after the first, the effective selection main parameters, such as drilling, quality and high efficiency can be improve. Careful using G00 ( G26、G27、G29) Quickly locate precisely G00 command to programming and application produced very big convenient. But if set and error operation, often can cause due to excessive rate set back to zero lower overshoot, precision, machinery and equipment slide face frustrate and other adverse effects. Back to the zero line does not pay attention to, easy to cause the impact product artifacts and machinery and equipment of production safety accidents. When considering using G00 command, therefore, should be considerate, can't literally. In the numerical control processing, especially in should also pay attention to improve the search and test run of the program. After the program type automatic control system, the operator should use SCH button and write, left, please move the key to carry out the uncertainty and clear lookup, to change program to carry out when necessary, to ensure the accuracy of the program. In addition, in before processing, announced a program, be sure to after commissioning program ( Open borne power amplifier) To determine the processing line is consistent with the design scheme of circuit. Above is ningbo precision mechanical processing plant machinery and equipment and processing of some problems and solutions. In specific work will be continue to catch up with some other problems, but if the CNC precision parts processing project eclecticism, professional and technical personnel and operators attentively to grasp the relevant professional knowledge and methods on the level of nc machine tools, CNC machine can well give full play to the larger economic benefit for the company.
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