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Precision machinery parts processing should be how to test?

by:HENRY PARTS     2020-12-01
Precision, precision machinery parts of be particular about is in the actual process we must make the pledge that we shall meet relevant standards, the degree of precision and improve as much as possible. Present how to improve the accuracy of precision machinery parts has become a key problem of related companies. In the process of machining deburring, polishing the problems will directly affect the accuracy of the parts, is also difficult to solve the problem in current production automation. Small make up today to explain for everybody is precision machinery parts processing should be how to test? One, the checker's basic requirements: 1, want to have more professional knowledge and practical work experience, at the same time also need to satisfying the requirements of leading products for inspection. 2, the use of measuring instruments need to pass the metrological department check and within the prescribed verification period. 3, before the acceptance of products need to be familiar with related drawings and technical documents, learn the relationship between the key size and assembly of parts. 4, we will strictly in accordance with the regulations of the drawings and technical documents required to determine parts. 5, for workshop in products are identified by the regulation. Second, the inspection system: 1, the first test system: processing for each of the operators of the first part, the need for a comprehensive range of test and left. 2, inspection system: ensure that key parts will be able to get a full control. 3, turn sequence inspection system: for the parts into next working procedure, should be tested, avoid the unqualified products into the next process. 4, the completion of the inspection system: to complete production completed at the incoming product inspection, including the size and shape, have missed machining process and so on. Three, inspection method: 1, the basic test of a size and shape. Diameter measurement for diameter measurement, need in a week to two parts to measure, and make records. When parts with diameter greater than 50 mm length, should be checked for straightness, using blade feet face contact with outside diameter busbar, observe the floor breadth, and then control standard light gap to determine. b。 Inner diameter measurement of measuring inner diameter size of the parts, as long as three parts in the circumferential measurements, recorded at the same time. When with diameter greater than 40 mm length of cylindricity inspection should be done, in the direction of the length to diameter range, respectively to obtain interval of two position measurement greatly. Calculate the cylindricity error. c。 Length of external thread measurement: external thread pitch diameter measured with thread ring gauge or three stitches, path with the thread ring gauge ( General rules) Detection. With internal thread measurement: internal thread diameter thread plug gauge, General rules) Inspection, in diameter with a thread plug gauge inspection. The screw thread of large, medium and paths should be performed according to the design requirements of the precision grade acceptance. Thread the effective length of tolerance: according to the requirements of HY/QT001 fastener inspection specifications of execution. 2, in the plane of the surface detection a. Surface roughness detection: the sample piece of comparative law, comparative judgment. b。 Flatness inspection: playing table method is used to detect, tablet placed three adjustable bearing, place the parts measure up on the point of support, adjust the bearing point, let the high three o 'clock, play table in peak value is measured by the surface flatness error. Above is the small make up today's inspection of precision machinery parts processing should be? All of the introduction, the hope can help a friend in need. Ningbo given yuan company is integrated mechanical parts processing machinery parts processing factory, precision machinery parts processing, non-standard automation machinery parts processing, large-scale mechanical parts processing service excellent mechanical parts processing company! If necessary, welcome to contact us at any time!
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