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Precision machinery parts processing manufacturer to win customers trust

by:HENRY PARTS     2020-09-29
Air conditioning precision parts processing is air conditioning enterprise must need to purchase the service. Air conditioning enterprise a lot on this side of the pearl river delta, so there are also many CNC machining parts manufacturer. But there are a lot of customer is not an order for a supplier to the customer in the field of viscosity is very high. Foshan, such as Mr Liu, we just prefer, our cooperation has been for five years. This is why let liu so partial to ningbo precision machinery parts processing manufacturer? In fact, for this reason should be from five years ago. At that time, liu found a precision parts processing factory cooperation, due to they need a new air conditioning parts used in products. The supplier to assure they repeatedly, the result got hand CNC parts processing and product quality is very poor, recurring problems. On the other side of the after-sales service also does not reach the designated position, communication up is also a shuffle, let Mr Liu is very angry, so we have to change suppliers. Mr Liu is a search on the Internet to our company, before also heard of ningbo precision machinery parts processing manufacturer of quality is better, real detailed understanding of our company on the Internet, have the basic intention of cooperation. But for the first time and were afraid to big, let our company to make a sample first. A few days later, received a reply, we do air conditioning precision parts processing samples is very good, quality is higher than other places, you can have a good cooperation. Now, Mr Liu is our ningbo precision machinery parts processing manufacturer of old customers. Actually customer most concerned or quality. Our CNC machining parts, before shipment are in QC room for quality inspection, so we can ensure the quality of the precision parts processing products is no problem, but also can be provided with three dimensional accuracy testing report. If you are looking for high precision spare parts suppliers, you can feel free to contact us, looking forward to cooperation.
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