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Precision machinery parts processing manufacturer sharing nc parts processing center what are the common mechanical failure

by:HENRY PARTS     2020-12-04
Ningbo precision machinery parts processing manufacturer sharing nc parts processing center what are the common mechanical failure of CNC parts processing center of common mechanical faults and preventive measures against a common malfunction spindle, the spindle component is a big key parts CNC machining center CNC lathe parts, most production and processing surface precision and spindle related, so the quality of the spindle is the key. Because of the application of electromagnetic speed regulating motor, CNC lathe spindle box structure is very simple, very easy to fault location is the inside of the main shaft of common CNC blade automatic clamping mechanism, automatic transmission equipment, etc. Or power tool holder to ensure that the work is not easy to loose, CNC blade automatic clamping institution chooses yellow clamping. If after CNC blade clamping can not loose, is considering regulating pine knife hydraulic oil cylinder pressure and the limit switch equipment or nut on the adjusting butterfly spring, decrease play yellow pressing. In addition, the main shaft hot and headstock noise problem, also cannot be ignored, then the key consideration to clean up the spindle box, adjust the volume of grease, ensure that the spindle box cleanliness and moved around the spindle rolling bearing, repair or changing a headstock gear, etc. Second, the feeding transmission chain common faults in the center of the CNC parts processing feed drive system software, widely use ball screw pair, negative pressure screw nut pair, flip guide, negative pressure guide rail, and plastic guide. So feeding transmission chain have a common faults, the key is the fitness movement quality decrease. Such as: mechanical parts to fitness to parts and end operation, precise positioning accuracy is lower, and the opposite direction space to expand, crawl and rolling bearing noise increases ( Touch the car after) And so on. For this kind of common failures can be according to the following countermeasures to prevent: ( 1) Improve the transmission accuracy adjustment the pre-tightening force of motion pair, loose adjustment phase, clear transmission gap, reduce transmission chain and setting speed down transmission gears in the transmission chain, also can improve the transmission accuracy. ( 2) Improve transmission bending rigidity. Adjustment screw nut pair, prestressing force of support components and the specifications, the effective selection of ball screw itself is to improve the transmission stiffness reasonable countermeasures. Bending rigidity is not enough will continue to work station or plate lead to crawl and vibration and its opposite direction over-current protection, endangering the transmission accuracy. ( 3) Improve accuracy of fitness. Components in considering compressive strength and bending rigidity of the premise condition, reduce the quality of the fitness components, reduce the diameter of the rotating parts and quality, in order to reduce the inertia force of fitness components, improve accuracy of fitness. ( 4) Guide to flip guide for dirt is relatively sensitive, be sure to have a good safety device, and pick to flip the pre-tightening force of guide rail, appropriate communication makes driving force significantly increase. Negative pressure guide rail need to have a set of excellent filtering effect of oil system software.
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