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Precision machinery parts processing manufacturer offer reference

by:HENRY PARTS     2020-12-04
A lot of precision machinery parts processing factory to ningbo enquiries are customers, from drawings, you hope to have a quotation right now. Actually it is very dilettante idea, as a manufacturer must assess the client from the 3 d figure, after processing difficulty of technology department must analyze the drawings, can give a quotation. For example, some particularly nasty precision parts processing customers, needs in a short time delivery, this needs to work overtime in a hurry, the artificial cost then pushed up the cost. In general, precision parts processing, to a large extent depends on the processing precision and roughness of every higher demands a level of tolerance, the request of precision machinery parts processing factory in ningbo then raised a notch, costs will increase. Such as + 0. 01 mm tolerance, certainly more than plus or minus 0. The 3 mm tolerance easy processing, factory price will be low. In addition, if the complex precision parts processing, or there is a lot of the overall size, or is that more difficult to machining of curved surface appearance, the cost of our manufacturer will improve a lot. If the customer requirements of material selection, is the kind of material is difficult to processing, the CNC parts processing cost must be high. If the machining process is very common, also won't have too much. In general, is rarely used in electroplating, laser carving, etc. , if you happen to have 3 d drawing this requirement, so the price higher nature. In fact, we ningbo precision machinery parts processing manufacturer also understand the mentality of customers want to quickly get the price. However, CNC machining parts price is affected by many aspects, need a little time for overall assessment. However, in terms of price, our factory is very professional, half can be completed within half an hour. If not provide 3 d drawings, it is impossible to offer!
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