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Precision automatic lathe processing characteristics is introduced

by:HENRY PARTS     2020-11-25
More precision automatic lathe processing characteristics of precision automatic lathe is efficient automation machine. Precision automatic lathe processing is different from the common machine tool processing, on the precision automatic lathe processing parts, it is will need a variety of processing operations ( Such as the spindle of the start-stop, reversing and speed, into the workpiece or tool, cutting tool selection, coolant supply, etc. ) And parts of shape, size according to the rules of coding method in nc machining program, input to the numerical control device. Again by the nc device to deal with the input of information and computing, and control the servo drive system, to coordinate axis movement, so as to realize relative motion between cutter and workpiece, complete parts processing. When change by machining, besides to the clamping workpiece and replace tool, simply change the program. Precision automatic lathe is using numerical control device or computer, in whole or in part to replace the common machine tool in machining parts of machine tools of various actions, such as start, processing order, change the cutting dosage, the spindle speed, selection of cutting tool, cooling fluid stop and parking and other artificial control. As a result, precision automatic lathe is equipped with numerical control system of machine tool, with digital signal to control the machine movement and machining process. Numerical control is the basic principle of linear interpolation, is according to the requirement of the feed speed, between the beginning and end of the tool motion to calculate the number of intermediate point coordinate values. In multi-axis linkage numerical control system at present, the most widely linear interpolation algorithm is data sampling interpolation algorithm, its characteristic is interpolation operation done in two steps. The first step for the coarse interpolation, it is in a given initial dao site attachment inserted between several loci, namely the coordinates for each movement, with a number of small displacement approximation, each Δ L is equal to the length of the small displacement, and associated with a given feed rate. Coarse interpolation in each interpolation calculation only once in the operation cycle, the length of each tiny displacement and Δ L with a given feed speed and interpolation period T F, namely Δ L = FT. The second step for fine interpolation, it is in the coarse interpolation to calculate each tiny displacement 'of the data points' to do. Coarse interpolation in each interpolation cycle to calculate the coordinates increment value, while the fine interpolation in each sampling cycle sampling position incremental value and instruction position increment interpolation output value, and then calculate the coordinate of the corresponding interpolation instruction position and actual position feedback, and comparing the two, follow error are obtained. According to the following error to calculate the corresponding axis feed speed instruction, and output to the drive. Usually interpolation cycle can be integer times of sampling period.
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