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Plastic precision parts processing, the client transfer initiative is introduced

by:HENRY PARTS     2020-10-24
Some time ago, there was a gentleman on the Internet search 'plastic precision parts processing' found we ningbo precision machining company. He is doing the plastics industry, often need to purchase some plastic material processing products. Because he has friends and our cooperation before, often also think he mentioned our CNC parts processing services, so the choice for us. This business trip to ningbo, will come to inspect a look of our factory, technical hospitality. After a preliminary communication, the customer said to a set of precision parts of plastic processing products. So give he introduced us, technical development of ningbo precision machining company, and past customers processing case. After that, we take the customer to the CNC parts processing production workshop to see production process, so that customers at ease. Went a circle in our factory, the customer's overall impression is good. More than fifty people team, dozens of sets of CNC equipment operation, manual post-processing has two rooms. For each detailed post-processing mechanical parts processing products. After seen so serious production employees, Mr Xu relieved. They expect the partners is the team should be serious to precision parts processing. Then, make a gentleman under the single, paid the advance payment, sent the drawings after he left. Evaluate the drawings, the engineer and technical director arranged that after processing scheme, has been making plastic precision parts processing. Ten days later, taking pictures to the customer on time, very satisfied. And fast delivery, express delivery of safe to send to the client company. After seen the finished product, Mr Xu said next time also find ningbo precision machining company cooperation, really great! If you want to find a production of plastic machinery parts processing great enterprise, we sincerely welcome cooperation!
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