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Look from the mobile phone industry development CNC machining

by:HENRY PARTS     2021-03-24
The use of mechanical processing surface quality of parts influence the three aspects of performance? Without the look from the mobile phone industry development, in the era of functional machine, functions are little difference. Into the smartphone era, there was a period of time is a function in the era of rapid change. As the hardware core homogeneity, increasingly valued mobile phone appearance design, etc. Different consumers' different needs, may bring the future mobile phone market is very different subdivision experience, keep the cell phone industry into a more refined, dig the era of consumer demand. Mobile phone appearance design innovation is nothing but, on the back of the two angles. Positive, we pay special attention to improve screen proportion, the concept of the original rarely mention. Glass engraving machine as screen size, screen of increasingly valued. Size is too big, want to use experience it is hard to do, so now the mainstream flagship machine concentrated between 5 to 6 inches, than in the interval to improve screen has become many handset manufacturers main choice. Millet MIX, is one of the most beloved cell phones on the market at present, is also the direction of attention, it has brought the industrial chain adjustment and opportunity. Mobile phone material, it is difficult to predict change, this is behind the aspirations of consumers for innovation. Mobile phone has become different every year, different can bring trend change, this change for the industrial chain, is both pressure and opportunity. Now the traditional plastic gradually atrophic, metal, glass, ceramic, sapphire and other new materials rapid rise, even now fewer and fewer traditional is given priority to with plastic mobile phone manufacturers. About 3 d glass. At present domestic manufacturer's investment enthusiasm is stronger, the touch screen manufacturers, glass manufacturers and chassis manufacturers are focusing on this area. Machine group of machines think the future will be mixed competition, such as blue, the glass manufacturers, have begun to do the metal box. Based on their own advantages, to find the most suitable product path and the customer, the focus of this is the manufacturer. Because of the glass in the popularity of mobile phone design, combined with 2. 5 d, 3 d, pay special attention to the market at present glass design and processing field. At present in the run-up to ceramic industry. Millet 6 highlighted four surface glass and ceramic body, pioneered the use of ceramic as a mobile phone shell, its creativity and ceramic itself feel is attracting the attention of the industry. Sapphire is a typical high capital industry, sapphire before had the opportunity, is the rumours that apple USES, was also mentioned the cooperation, but finally failed to reach cooperation, industry silence. Ceramic is made a good start, if domestic manufacturers subsequent some heavyweight products can be used, ceramic industry will have a very good development opportunities, a group of fine machine is paying attention to the development of ceramic processing future opportunities. The group of pure machine B - 540 glass/ceramic engraving machine, high rigidity structure design, suitable for cutting glass, ceramic, sapphire, down side, chamfering, drilling and other processing.
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